Home Gym Equipment Considerations
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Home Gym Equipment Considerations

When putting together a home gym, it’s really easy to get carried away and make equipment purchases that either aren’t sensible or worthwhile. It’s worth giving your home gym some thought before you commit to purchasing equipment, because you don’t want to regret a decision you rushed into!

Here are a few things to think about when buying gym equipment…

Space Considerations

The reality is, most home gyms will lack the space to house a lot of large bits of equipment, so you have to shop smarter, making purchases that don’t take up too much space or offer a lot of versatility in a small amount of room.

For this reason, a piece of equipment like this, the Graft Stand-Alone Pull Up Tower and Dip Station will be perfect for a home gym – it’s relatively small yet offers a wide variety of exercises, unlike some kit which takes up a lot of room without offering any variety. Other Graft products such as Yoga Mats, Training Benches and Pedestal bags are specifically designed for the home user, so they can be easily stored away after use!

Prioritising Exercise

There are some things that you can easily do well in a home gym – there are other things that you can’t. If you love to run outdoors for example, picking up a treadmill at home just won’t be the same, so you should look to prioritise.

Space and budget will only stretch so far, so use your space and money for things that you can do well in your home gym. Weight training, core work, rehab work, stretching etc can all be done really well at home, so think about what you can do well at home and spend your money wisely.

Noise Levels

If you have attached neighbours or live in an apartment with neighbours below, you have to really thing about how noisy the equipment you buy is. If you have people who live below you for example, a treadmill may not be a great idea – they tend to be pretty loud!

The same applies for weights – if you have neighbours below you, it’ll limit the amount and kind of lifting you’ll be able to do. You won’t exactly be slamming down heavy deadlifts if you live in a flat!

The Flooring

The best room you hope for in building a home gym is a garage, usually because they have the most space and the best flooring, giving you the most freedom when it comes to exercise and equipment selection.

The flooring is really important, because it needs to be both strong enough to support the weight of the equipment placed on it and able to withstand high impact. If you have a wooden floor for example, you won’t be able to perform Olympic Weightlifting movements because it’s unlikely to be strong enough to withstand the impacts. 

Final Home Gym Thoughts

A home gym is a fantastic investment – over the long haul it can save you thousands of pounds in gym membership fees, it removes excuses to not exercise (it’s hard to not get to the gym when it’s in your house!) and can even increase the value of your house. 

Just make sure you spend the time getting it right and you’ll be able to work out perfectly well in your own time and space. No queueing for equipment and no change in membership fees! At Graft we promise to provide high quality gym equipment without any hassle and for an affordable price! We feel that for the price of a 6 month gym membership, you could build your home gym with us! Get Grafting! #GraftNowNotLater