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Long Range Electric Scooter - 350W Electric Scooters 25KPH

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Long Range Electric Scooter - 350W Electric Scooters 25KPH 


The Graft Electric Scooter 350W Long Range Scooter is exactly what you've been looking for! Whether you need it for your commute or want it for fun, this scooter is perfect. Built by the company that built the Xiaomi Scooter. Made with robust materials and puncture resistant tyres, allow the scooter to be used on all different surfaces in all weather conditions! 


  • Long Distance, Fast Charge: Range of 30KM, Fully charged in 3.5 Hours.
  • Xiaomi m365 Scooter
  • Top Speed of 25KPH, 350W Battery: 3 Speed Gearbox, Eco, Drive and Sport.
  • Easy Carry, Lightweight - 16KG Weight allows it to be easily folded up, stored and carried.
  • 8.5 Inch Wheels, Weatherproof and water resistant.
  • 120KG Max Weight