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Graft 5.5 FT Free Standing Punch Bag With Targets - Pedestal Boxing Bag (Multiple Colours)

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Graft 5.5 FT Free Standing Boxing Bag With Targets 

New And Improved October 2021

Training alone has never been this easy. The Graft Freestanding Punch Bag has been expertly designed and developed for the pro-athlete, with specific focus on quality and durability. Whether you are a pro-athlete or want to train like a pro-athlete, this Graft Standing Punch Bag is perfect for you. Designed for Boxing, Kick Boxing and MMA the Standing Boxing Bag will allow you to train your combat skills, speed and accuracy all in one. The Punch Bag is a fusion of some of the best technologies being used in the creation of martial arts equipment development today. Use of the EPE 360 shock absorption technology and finest quality Synthetic Leather guarantee quality and durability and ensure that you will be able to train at the highest level. The flexible spring technology which connects to the base, is designed to rebound and assist in developing your foot work and mobility. The pedestal style of the Punch Bag allows you to rotate around the bag working on your foot work and mobility and not just your combat skills.

The pedestal style saves you from drilling holes and any hassle in the assembly process of the product as it can be assembled within 15 minutes (assembly instructions and tools are included) and can be safely stored away after use. We recommend that the base is filled with sand or water when it is being used for training.

We have taken much time in developing the packaging in a way, which drastically reduces the chance of product damage during delivery. If there are any issues or problems with the product the Graft Now Customer Service team will assist you in dealing with any questions you may have. 


  • Triple Layer Density Foam – The Speedball is a fusion of the best technologies used in martial arts equipment development today. High Density EPE Foam is moulded together with the shock absorbing technology to create a high quality speedball for all abilities. Heavy Quality Synthetic Leather allows for prolonged use and durability.
  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly (Instructions and tools included) – Have your Punch bag ready for use in less than 10 minutes.
  • Compact and sleek pedestal design – You no longer need to dedicate a wall to your bag, no hassle with drills and making holes. The pedestal style also allows you to safely store the bag after use making it perfect for the home user whilst training mobility and footwork.
  • Designed for Boxing, Kick Boxing and MMA the Free Standing punch bag will allow you to train your combat skills, speed and accuracy all in one.
  • Fill base with sand/water and your bag is ready for use!
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