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Adjustable Free Standing Double Boxing Bar Reflex Bag | Graft

Adjustable Free Standing Double Boxing Bar Reflex Bag | Graft

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Product Features:

  • Padded boxing bar and speed ball, which can be removed according to the users preferences.
  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly (Instructions and tools included) – Have your Punch bag ready for use in less than 10 minutes.
  • Fill with water, sand or gravel and your bag is ready to use.
  • Compact and sleek pedestal design – You no longer need to dedicate a wall to your bag, no hassle with drills and making holes. The pedestal style also allows you to safely store the bag after use making it perfect for the home user whilst training mobility and footwork.
  • Inflatable speed balls (Pump Included)
  • Next Day Delivery on purchases made before 1PM. Free 30 day return policy.


Free Standing Double Boxing Bar And Speed Ball

Product Description:

The Graft Free Standing Speed Ball With the Double Boxing Bar is finally here! The Graft Double Boxing Speedball and Boxing Bar is a further development of the Boxing Bar. We noticed customers were tying towels adding padding to the bar of the Single Reflex Boxing Bar, so we developed this item for you. Tested for strength, speed, skill and endurance the Free Standing Speedball will allow you to train your reflexes and combat skills at the highest level. The Punching Ball will have you ducking and weaving all whilst improving your hand speed, foot work, mobility and combat accuracy. This is the perfect sparring partner for home training! It can be used for training mixed martial arts, with padding around the mid section of the bar to perfect your Roundhouse kicks, Calf kicks, Inside leg kicks, Teep/Front kicks and the two speedballs allow you to move and vary your combat angles gives you more targets to hit and allows you to throw more varied punches. 

Min Height - 130cm/Max Height - 211cm


⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  J. Mathers (Google/Site Review - Boxing Reflex Bag): I was honestly a little sceptical as the prices for equipment in comparison to other products on the market were very good value in comparison.
I purchased the GRAFT bar and have had the equipment for 6 months. Genuinely the best value for money purchase I've ever made when it comes to sport. The product arrived quickly (after a royal mail issue which the Manager sorted ASAP at his own cost) and the quality of the product is outstanding.
The only downside for the product is the hole for loading is quite small however once you get sand in it (funnel does the job) its sturdy and very rarely will rattle.
I will hopefully use GRAFT NOW again. Recommended here in Stoke 👍

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