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Graft Multi-Purpose 2" Padded Exercise Mats, Fitness Mat and Yoga Mat

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Graft Multi-Purpose 2" Padded Exercise, Fitness and Yoga Mat

The Graft Multi-Purpose Padded Exercise, Fitness and Yoga Mat is an essential addition to your gym. The Graft Exercise Mat provides a firm but comfortable surface allowing you to train for longer whilst reducing the risk of back pain. The 2” EPE foam is an environmentally friendly high-density durable foam, designed to provide comfort during prolonged use with an extra durable synthetic leather cover which is water resistant and can be easily cleaned. The 6ft Mat can be folded and easily stored away after use making it the perfect addition to any home gym and has easy carry handles so you can take the exercise mat to the gym, Yoga and Pilates classes. The Graft Exercise Mat can be used to enhance your core strength with crunches and sit-ups, and planks. They can also be used for Yoga and Pilates and provide a comfortable surface for gymnasts as they can be attached together by Velcro and used as a gymnastic mat.


  • 2” High Density Eco Friendly EPE Foam and Synthetic Leather provide comfort and durability during prolonged use. The Synthetic Leather is also water resistant so it can be easily cleaned after use
  • The Graft Exercise Mat can be used to enhance your core strength with crunches and sit ups, and planks and your general fitness with exercises such as press ups, lunges, squats and many more. It is also the ideal mat for Yoga and can be easily transported to your Yoga, Pilates and physio classes due to its foldable and easy carry features.
  • Dimensions: 6ft x 2ft - Folds to 2ft x 2ft with easy carry handles 
  • Velcro on two edges to connect end to end of several exercise mats which make it ideal for gymnasts and acrobats to practice their stunts on a comfortable surface
  • Available in 5 different colours

We have taken much time in developing the packaging in a way, which drastically reduces the chance of product damage during delivery. If there are any issues or problems with the product the Graft Now Customer Service team will assist you in dealing with any questions you may have.