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Pull Up Bar Chin Up Bar Wall Mounted and Gymnastics Bar | Graft

Pull Up Bar Chin Up Bar Wall Mounted and Gymnastics Bar | Graft

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Product Features:

  • Heavy duty Steel Construction with powdered coating – Allows for user of all abilities to easily install the product in their home or gym and start grafting in no time!
  • Thick back pads and arm supports eliminate any discomfort during your workout or during prolonged use and reduces the risk of lower back pain.
  • This bracket is an ideal for developing your chest, shoulder muscles & triceps. It can be used for chin ups, dips, with TRX bands or resistant bands.
  • Foam handles for easy grip and comfort will assist in maintaining your stability.
  • Heavy duty, capacity weight up to 120kg 

Graft Chin Up Bar - Pull Up Bar Wall Mounted and Gymnastics Bar

Product Description:

The Graft Wall Mounted Dip and Chin up bracket is multi-purpose and can be used as a chin up bracket or dipping bracket. This makes it ideal for shaping all areas of your upper body, chest, back and arm muscles and through exercises such as pull ups and knee raises which will drastically improve your upper body and core strength simultaneously. Its a perfect addition to your home workout. The non-slip foam handles are made to provide comfort during prolonged use and allow you to max your workout. The Graft Chin up bracket has been constructed with heavy duty steel and is easy to install, so you can begin your journey to your goals with little effort (assembly instructions included). Whether you are beginning your journey with us or are a pro-athlete the Graft Chin up and Dip bar is perfect for you. Its robust yet compact design can withstand users up to 120kg, which makes this product for grafters of all ages.

We have taken much time in developing the packaging in a way, which drastically reduces the chance of product damage during delivery. If there are any issues or problems with the product the Graft Now Customer Service team will assist you in dealing with any questions you may have.


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