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Boxing Power Bag Filled Sand Bag 10kg, 20kg | MaxStrength

Boxing Power Bag Filled Sand Bag 10kg, 20kg | MaxStrength

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Product Features:
  • Made of High Quality Synthetic Leather
  • Heavy Sand Filled Power Bags
  • More sand can be added into bags
  • Strong Handles Heavy Duty stitching 
  • Comes in Black Colour With Blue or Red Straps
  • Available in 10KG and 20KG

Product Description:

MaxStrength's Power Bag is Made of High Quality Synthetic Leather. This bag is 20kg heavy it contains 4 compartments that are filled with sand bags. Each compartment is 5kg heavy.  You can easily reduce the power bag weight by putting the less compartments bags in it.  These weight bags can also be filled more to make them heavier. 

Powerbag Strong Handle stitched will not rip tear. This bag comes in Blue colour in a box comes as single piece.
The Power Bag provides a crossover between Olympic lifting, medicine ball work and core stability training. Training with the Powerbag teaches the body to use its core stabilisers effectively, so that the transfer of energy during even the most complex movement patterns can take place effectively.

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