The Versatility of Plyo Boxes in Training

The Versatility of Plyo Boxes in Training

 One of the most versatile and useful pieces of equipment in the gym is a set of Plyometric Jump Boxes. If you know what you’re doing with them, you can use a set of Plyometric Jump Boxes for all kinds of elements of a workout.

Here are a few examples of the versatility of Plyometric Jump Boxes in training and the reasons why you should consider them for you own gym…

They’re Great for Single Limb Work

You can use a Plyo Box to raise a leg off the ground for exercises such as split squats. This simple change in the setup of an exercise means that you can add extra versatility into a workout without changing too much else.

The same can be used with exercises such as push ups – you can place one hand on a low Plyo Box to increase the range of movement on one side at a time, making an exercise harder.

They’re Perfect for Power Work

The original use of the Plyo Box was for lower limb plyometrics, such as jump squats, single leg jumps, rebounds etc. These are still one of the most important uses for Plyo Boxes, but you can also use them for upper body plyometrics too.

The soft nature of the Plyo Boxes means that they are ideal for providing a soft landing for the hands when doing explosive push ups, clap push ups or reverse clap push ups. The soft nature of them also means they activate the muscles more when doing normal push ups due to their lack of stability.

Plyometric Jump Boxes are Adjustable

One of the great things about Plyo Boxes is that they’re adjustable in height to suit different exercises, different abilities and different workouts. If you buy a full set, you will have a huge range of height options that will suit anyone.

The one item of kit can be used for highly explosive movements such as jump squats in advanced athletes, but it also doubles up as a low-riser for beginners and upper body exercises.

Plyometric Jump Boxes are Easy to Store

Although they are pretty big, Plyo Boxes are easy to store because they are square. They’re also strong enough to support weight on top of them, so they can be used as a table in a home or commercial gym. 

Plyometric Jump Boxes are Progressive

With a set of plyo boxes you’ve got an item of kit that will last you from beginner to advanced. If when you buy them you can only jump to the height of a low or mid-height box, you’ll soon progress and will be able to go higher. Thankfully, the boxes can be stacked to make a higher box each time! 

Plyometric Boxes Can Make Exercises Tougher

If you want to put your feet on them to do a feet-elevated push up, or a foot-elevated plank, you can! This means you can take classic basic exercises and add additional elements of difficulty to them, building in progression without changing much about the basic techniques.

Plyometric Boxes: Concluded

There are a few reasons why ploy boxes can add a huge amount of versatility to a workout, despite seeming like a very basic item of equipment. When you make decisions about your home gym, consider plyo boxes – there are few items that give you so much versatility in one bit of kit! Shop Now!