Which Punch Bag or Reflex Bag is right for me?

Which Punch Bag or Reflex Bag is right for me?

Which Bag Is Right For Me?

Graft 6FT Free Standing Punch Bag:

If you are a proficient fighter and have trained before or train on a regular basis or are above 5.5ft, we recommend our Graft 6FT Punching Bag. The Graft 6FT Bag has been developed with a specific focus on impact absorption, durability and is used by trained professionals in gyms and homes. The Graft 6FT Boxing Bag is connected to the base with a robust spring mechanism which allows the bag to rebound and spring back to you so you can work on your timing and also allows users to work on foot work, defence and your combat skills. The targets on the bags allow you to practice and build combinations as well as perfect your jab, hooks, kicks, mobility and power all in one. The weight of the bag and the base without any sand, water or gravel comes to under 30KG - If user puts gravel in base, max weight can go up to 120KG. The base includes suction cups which help with stability and ensures that the bag doesn’t move or slide at all.


  • Recommended use by: Professionals, well trained fighters and gyms or if you are 5.5ft+
  • Improves users kick-boxing and MMA combinations, foot work, power and overall technical skills.
  • Slick design will fit into your home or gym (Tilt & Roll and easily store away) - Available in Black/Red, Black/Gold, Black/Blue, Classic Brown, White/Red, Hex Grey.
  • Weight: 30KG without any sand, water or gravel. If user puts gravel in base, max weight up to 120KG.
  • If user plans to move the bag regularly we do not recommend putting gravel in the base as it will be too heavy to move.